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I agree with you but they had that chance to rotate and keep them fresh this season and didnt. Peek would either play most of the game, which he did 2 times, or he would play 5 plays a game. I dont think its the players not willing to rotate but the coaches not doing it. The thing is, if you and your team are going to act like a player is special and has talent, then you have to show the player that you really do believe in them. NFL players are just like any other 22 year old coming into the work force, they want to be noticed and it takes a little babying to get them on their feet. Unfortunately since they are all huge guys the coaches forget that and dont really care. Im not saying they need to hodl them and carry them around, but they need to boost their confidence in each player somehow and the texans do not seem to do that very well. This is exemplified by Peek not getting chances time after time when he plays great, and how many times have we heard Capers say that Hollings and Wells would be getting more carries because of Wells' production and Hollings being healthy. Players would be willing to do a lot if these coaches would live up to their word, and if they did some of the things they said, then this team would be much further ahead than where they are now.
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