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Originally Posted by D-ReK
Personally, I don't have as much of a problem with Peek's as I do his lack of coverage skills...As of now, he is a situational pass rusher at best, like Terrell Suggs...

Regardless, the 34 thrives on LBs, so why not draft another (ie Merriman), and allow there to be a Babin, Merriman, Peek rotation?

Lack of coverage skills? when did he get burnt in coverage during the regular season? And he also had and INT against Peyton Manning in coverage. There are no facts behind these statements, simply hear say and repeating other quotes about his play. There are no specific instances from this regular season that show Peek screwed up in coverage or even against the run. Like i said, if he doesnt start he will be gone next season. And with Romeo going to Cleveland, as much as i hate sayign that being from cincinnati, thats a place close to home that he could go, or even to Pitt. It will be his 3rd yera learning the system, just the amount of time that many people say it develops, so he deserves the shot.
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