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Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post

Read up on your old team before you starting spouting nonsense.

"Oiler Blues: The Story of Pro Football's Most Frustrating Team" by John Pirkle is a good place to start. Education is the key to avoid being ignorant.

Oiler fans were NEVER given a chance to rally for the team. Some lame, half-hearted attempt AFTER Dud had already sealed the deal is what keeps getting mentioned. No amount of fan protests would have mattered at the end of the day.

You fail to comprehend that Dud had no desire to work with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, wanted the land DONATED to him by the city, and wanted a 100% taxpayer financed stadium that he controlled ALL rights to. Dud could give a rat's ass about his team's history and the loyalty of the city towards his franchise. His only obligation has always been to his bank account, so instead of working with local leaders like other football owners do to build a stadium and continue the tradition, he slithered out of town to the best offer available. He couldn't even have the balls to keep the name, and didn't have the soul to give up the name that he covered up. What does that say about his character, or rather, lack of?

We were already paying for $60 million+ in renovations to the Astrodome, which were the result of Dud threatening to move the team to Jacksonville. We are STILL paying those bonds today. Most civilized folks call that extortion.

See, not actually being here to LIVE IT gives you the typical media brainwashing of assumptions and generalizations. It's sad, really, because you act like we share some kind of history together, but in reality, you only try to demean Houston football fans while promoting a slimeball owner.

Fine, you hate the Texans. Whatever. Big deal. Just another troll on a Texans board as far as most of us are concerned. I'm glad a 'fan' like you moved on with the sleaze. You wouldn't have the class to be one of our own.
Wow, with the amount of vitriol and name calling spewed in that post it's funny that you accuse me of having no class. That's rich.

Don't assume the things I haven't done there Bubba.

I'm an avid reader and have read multiple books on the Oilers and the origins of the AFL. I've certainly read (and own) Fowler's POS book. I've also read Elvin Bethea's book Smash Mouth where he describes Fowler as a no talent hack who didn't have anything positive to say about the franchise or it's players during his entire career (in fact Bethea spat in Fowler's face during the last year of his career). You lapped up the BS in Fowler's book just like the good little dog you are.

When it comes to the Oilers’ move there is plenty of guilt to be passed around. If you want to delude yourself into thinking it was all mean old Bud Adams’ fault that's fine, but that's all it is, a simplified black and white delusion. If that helps you cope with the fact that your city politicos and you the fans of Houston were also responsible for letting the team you loved so much slip away that's cool, but don't get self righteous with me and try to pass your delusion off as fact.

The Oilers, both the team and its history are alive and well and residing in Nashville Tennessee. Those are the facts, you can lie to yourself about it all you want, but that doesn't change the plain and undeniable truth. Just check the Titans record books and you'll see storied names like Bethea, Campbell, Munchak, Moon, Blanda and Hennigan. Check the Texans record book and you'll find "greats" like Carr, Davis, and Robinson... The truth may hurt broseph, but it is what it is.

I hope this whole bitterness thing works out for you buddy, because you wear it on your sleeve so damn well.

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