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Originally Posted by The Pencil Neck View Post
I just don't follow this logic.

You hate the Texans because Adams moved the Oilers to Tennessee. And you root for the Titans.

That makes no sense to me at all.

The Texans didn't have anything to do with Adams' decision to move the Oilers.
Again I don't want this to turn into a thread debating who's to blame for the Oilers' departure. But as a fan from a far, rightly or wrongly I've always placed part of the blame on the fans in Houston for failing to appreciate the Oilers fully while they were there. When the Browns moved from Cleveland the fans and city went apeshit, when the Oilers left Houston I didn't notice a similar outcry coming from Texas. Through my eyes, Houston didn't fight for their franchise in the same manner as the people of Cleveland (they didn't even put up a fight to keep the name and history the way Browns' fans did). I'm fully aware this is just my opinion and not cut in stone facts. I realize you have a completely different perspective on this and again please let's not turn my first thread into a debate over this, let's just leave that fight for another time.

And yes the fact that the Texans are now a division rival (or at least attempting to be) only fuels my disdain for the team.

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