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Default Howdy pards!

So here it is my first post, and rather than being a smack talking dick from post one I thought I'd just say hi to everyone here at TT. I'm not going to sugarcoat this, I hate the Texans, I hate the fact that Houston and Bud somehow managed to rob me of my favourite football team. I really don't want to argue about that now, let's face it that argument has been done to death; I'm sure we can go round and round about that at some point.

I thought I'd focus on the fact that until a decade ago we we're cheering for the same team... getting our hearts broken by the same team. Now we're getting our hearts broken by two different franchises (one yard short in the Super Bowl for me... and just about every game in Texans history for you guys... okay yeah, that was a shot, I'll cut it out).

Remember Alonzo Highsmith? Damn I loved that guy... I recall a game against the dreaded Bengals in 88 (I think), with the Oilers up by ten midway through the fourth quarter Esiason led Cincinatti to a TD to cut the lead to three points. The momentum seemed all in the Bungals favour. On the ensuing drive the Oilers ran Highsmith on every play, eating up the clock and ultimately scoring a TD. Damn, there was nothing better than seeing that douche bag Sam Wyche and the criminally overhyped Norman Esiason stewing on the sideline as the Oilers ran it down thier throats.

As an Oilers fan since the mid-seventies (as a kid I loved Kenny Burrough and Robert Brazile), I lived a died with that frickin team... and I'm sure that's something many of us share in common. I'm not sure why that Bengals game stands out so much for me. Perhaps it was the fact that it was the initial stages of the successful Moon era, after the team had struggled through much of the eighties.

To this day I still hate the Steelers as much as any franchise in the league. Losing two AFC Championship to the steroid fueled Steelers is something that doesn't leave me (are any of those steroid gobbling offensive lineman still alive). I was 14 at the time that Mike Renfro MADE that catch in the back of the endzone... I cried like a *****. Okay everyone together now, one time with feeling "F the Steelers!!!!!!"

Anyways... I'll stick to talking crap from now on, but at least initially I thought I should come in and talk about the thing we share in common rather than coming in here and spewing smack right from post #1.

I’m quite familiar with Overalls from his trips to go Titans, and other than his inexplicable insistence to follow the Texans he seems like a cool guy. I've also recently become familiar with Silver Oak.

Here's to years of great rivalry games, but let us not completely forget our many shared memories of great wins and heartbreaking losses.

Luv ya blue forever baby!

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