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I would agree that 6-8 sacks is a success for Babin as well. If folks are optimistic it is because we gave up a lot to get him and the expectations on a guy like that are very high. As they should be. Why would you draft a guy if you did not have an idea of what he could do and what the team needs? No one drafts a player with the idea in mind that he will hit rock bottom. I know that that is not your point - but I hope that you can see the point that I am trying to make. Your are just counter-reacting to the hype on Babin and I respect that. Your position has its merit. With me it is more like cautious optimism and a wait and see approach.

Besides - when you look at everything who doesn't want the Texans to just dominate? I know I do. And I hope that Babin helps with that. On a side note, I do believe that our secondary will be the weak link next year IMO - not the D-line or the backers.
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