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Default Re: Yellow lot parking

We have been in the yellow lot from day one. Yes there have been times the parking lot attendants are less than helpful. But they have not been rude. But as far as this last week that was the smoothest that we have accessed the yellow lot this year. When we pulled in it was clearly marked that the right hand lane was for the paved area and the two left lanes for the grass lot. It was very smooth. All of the previous games this season were a mess with people trying to get their friends in spots beside them, when in previous years if the whole group wasn't together, then you had to move to the side and let the other tailgaters through while you waited for the rest of your tailgating group. Another thing is that on the grass the first cars in were made to go the end of the grass and then fill from that way. It was not supposed to be done that way, but it was much smoother, because in the past when filling from the beginning to the end, there was always congestion because of the tailgaters starting to setup. We think filling from end to the beginning is much smoother. Hey if you have a huge problem with parking in the yellow lot then send and email to the Texans at ""
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