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Default Yellow lot parking

Hello all,
I wanted to know if what I experienced Sunday was normal for those who show up late to tailgate around 9AM.
We got there later than usual around 9AM so we figured we were at the mercy of the attendants. When we gave stub and got our Sunday paper that lane pre-determined where we would be located.luckily we were in a lane that would put us on the grass but it was in the section closer to the stadium. Not bad but I enjoy the nieghbors in the section close to the fountains. When parking the attendant gave us the swing left and pull in hard right motion to park so thats what I did as did the cars in front of and behind me.
This is getting to be very long, sorry.

When we park, all the cars start seting up shop to tailgate behind the vehicles. The guy comes back and tells everyone that they have to tailgate in front of your car????????
The kicker is he was rude AND we were parked so that canopies were into the emergency lane. So what does HPD say? We have to get out of the lanes!

So now fans are trying to adjust again. This wasn't a big problem for me cause it was just my wife and I kids and usual suspects could not come so we did not have a lot of stuff to keep moving but for the others it was becoming a real chore.

But wait theres more..... He comes back and makes everyone pull thier cars out again not just a little but full car space.
whew.... what was point ohh yeh is this normal? and I will not be late again.
I will not be late again

I'm in the Yellow
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