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1. CB Marlin Jackson (we trade down)
2. OG David Baas
2. WR JR Russell
3. SS Jammal Brimmer
3. MLB Boomer Grigsby
4. C Ben Wilkerson
5. RB Brandon Jacobs
6. DT Daryl Shropshire
7. QB Stefan Lefors

1. jackson doesn't seem to be a capers-style guy- a trade down probably means more of a Matt Roth/Dan Cody than a guy with a questionable off the field character (think: Motors, not Mouths)
2. Baas is perfect for this pick unless Roth or Cody get past the Patriots and Steelers
2. perhaps you have seen russell play, but I think that 50-60 overall is a little high for him, by about 50 slots- I will wait til the combine and prodays.
3. woudn't mind a good DB here, but methinks a good dlineman (to play Dline) would be a fine pick as well- maybe Castillo or Andrew Hoffman from Virginia (there is a reason that brooks and blackstock are considered two of the top lbs in the nation)
3. I would take Boomer in the second (2b in this case)
4. from what I understand Wilkerson was very prominent on the Texans radar before his injury, anyone have any updates on his recovery; lots of adequate centers in this draft
5. I would take the big fella in the third or fourth
6. hopefully we will have addressed our line depth before now; I would rather we grab a guy like Seward or Claridge from UNLV. Jordan Beck and Liam Ezekiel are both very exciting players that could fit our scheme well
7. I love to watch Stefan play but I want Matt Jones to come play receiver for the Texans

very good, overall
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