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Originally Posted by __V__
Ugh, I am no Jay Foreman fan. Tackle stats mean nothing to me when most of your stops are 5 yards down field. Inside linebackers are supposed to make at or around or over 100 tackles in our system since most of everything is funneled to them. He rarely makes plays at the line of scrimmage or behind the LOS. He is a solid NFL reserve but a very low-end starter in my eyes.
You make some good points, let me put this out there's tough for any NFL linebacker to make plays while he has 300lb O-line guys hammering him, not to mention the fact that there were several times when our D-line was about as effective as crash test dummies.

I am not saying that he is a top notch LB or that he is even better than average. I simply think he is average and not as bad as many folks think. Just remember average is exactly that...for every Urlacher there is an EJ Hendersen (as noted in your thread on the Vikes).
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