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Default Is there REALLY a clear #1 pick?

Just wanted to throw this one in the air for discussion. With many of the top Jr's electing to stay in school for one more year (ie. Leinert, Brooks, Ferguson, Ngata, and I believe Rod Wright among others) I think there is serious question as to who the top guys really are.

Let me clarify this a bit...I think we can all make a pretty solid list of the top 20-30 prospects that we can agree on, but when you start getting down to the level of Top 5 and Top 10 there are wildly varying views from some smart folks as to who those guys are.

My impression from the boards is that most of us believe that Leinert and Ferguson would have clearly been Top 5 picks. Chris Mortensen on ESPN Radio made a pretty intresting comment this morning that there maybe several of the top 10 teams that are willing to trade down based on the relative value of the players that will be available in the this years draft. Much of this seems to be a reflection of the elite underclassmen who are electing to return to college. I know there are several of us that like to take shots at Kiper a bit (myself included) but he does cover the draft and scouting for a living and has been at it for a while. His scouting reports are pretty accurate...mock drafts not so much...and he has made very similar comments to Mortensen in the last week or so.

Most years you can clearly define the #1 pick in the draft and within a fairly high degree of accuracy the Top 5. I have seen 5 different #1 picks and numerous different Top 5 lists this past week which led me ask the question...Is there really a #1 this year and who is it? I understand that the question is somewhat relative based on the team needs but I was wondering what folks on the boards thought?
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