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Originally Posted by jacquescas
I have finally decided that the safest pick, the pick that can take alot of the burden off of DD in the passing game, give Carr another threat, and help in the run game is TE Heath Miller from Virginia. There is a very good chance he will be available when we pick, I know its the same slot that Shockey was picked, and while he isn't in that class of Tight End, at 6'5 255lbs, and running a 4.65 40. He is heads and shoulders above anyone we have put on the field.

He runs faster than Dallas Clark, and is slightly bigger.
I will have to say that I am starting to come to a similar conclusion as well. I think that the TE position is clearly becoming a much higer priority over the last 3yrs. You used have one or maybe two really elite TEs in the leage that teams would consider as a 1 or 1A option in pass plays. With the 5-yrd chuck rule a TE verses anything less than an upper echelon LB is a clear mismatch. The fact is that a quality TE can make an QB look pretty good. No knock on Vinny Testeverde or Julius Jones but Jason Witten was clearly the offensive standout on that team for most of the year and frankly saved Vinny's bacon on more than a couple instances.

Heath Miller is NOT a one dimensional TE...I saw him in 3 games this year and he is a solid TE blocker (good with double teams and chips) and an excellent pass catcher. He might be the safest pick if Derrick Johnson and Antrel Rolle are off the board by pick 13...which I very much think will be the case.
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