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yeah it's been a popular thing on this board to blame mckinney for a lot of the problems with the's how i see our o-line

wade: our best o-lineman right now...had some injury problems and was getting used to our new zone blocking year look for him to be one of the top 5 tackles in the game

weigert: maybe our best run blocker but is often injuried and is only average in pass protection...seems to have problems with stronger DT's in pass protection

mckinney: solid center how seems to have his bad games against jacksonville...go figure everyone else does too...needs to use more leverage against those bigger dt's

pitts: had a rough start to the season getting used to LG...maybe our second best run blocking when you look at the fact that most of DD's touchdowns came from running behind pitts...needs to refine his pass blocking while being a LG

wand: ok everyone likes this guy...i don't...i think he needs to seriously get stronger...needs to be able handle guys like freeney by himself because that's his job...also...he seemed to have some trouble recognizing stunts by the d-line and linebackers so needs to spend more time the film room

that's the way i see our o-line...personally i'm old school thinking in the draft we need to bring in atleast 3 new guys for the o-line...i like brandon evans last year and hope he can upseat someone like milford brown or fred weary
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