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It's tough to say b/c I'm not sure who the Texans would be aiming for if they moved down. I could see possibly the Saints moving up 3, I could see the Bengals moving up 4 spots, and possibly the Rams moving up 6 spots.

I really think in this division, you need to have a good secondary to survive, and I wouldn't even consider dropping down if Rolle is sitting in my lap there.

Odds are that San Diego, or Arizona would likely get the offers since both can afford to move back and not lose much ground.

But if they were to trade down, I'd accept nothing less than a 1st and 2nd for this year from any team. What's the worst that can happen? they say no and you end up getting Antrel Rolle? I'd take it. Remember, you control all negotiating power in that scenario. Because you'd be equally satisfied with dropping back 4 spots and gaining a 2nd round pick, or you could stay where you are and give Jon Hoke another toy to play with

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