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Originally Posted by beerlover
overall excellent I'm very impressed. as good as any I've seen, of course I have different ideas but that doesn't mean either of us are going to right come draft day, that being said-

the 49ers will trade out of the 1st pick, but Aaron Rogers will be selected over Alex Smith.
the Fins need a rb not a qb, maybe your right but Edgerrin James just doesn't seem to be a Saban type plus he's on the downhill side of his career. Travis Henry combo with Cedric seems like a better plan.
Bears need a complete package @ WR & Edwards to me is clearly the best talent in the draft at this position & very coachable.
Bucs fit better with Carnell Williams reminds me more of Warrick Dunn or Curtis Martin.
Raiders might win the Edgerrin sweepstakes which would still leave a huge hole @ WR see Mike Williams.
Cards=Smith & not Emmitt, I'd be shocked if Kipper convinces the whole NFL Alex deserves to be a top 5 pick.
Skins scare me, this is were I'm worried they select the new hog, Elton Brown.
Boyz will not pass on Rolle even though Merrimen seems like a viable pick.
Bolts=Jammal Brown
Texans wheres the beef? Carr needs protection & running game improves without another RB instead commitment to the offensive line in Elton Brown.

thats probably enough for now, since all we care about really are the Texans anyway, still I basicly like your Mock draft, good job
Thanks for the compliment. I decided to send it to Charlie Pallilo b/c if anyone heard his top 10 on the mock draft today, you would have been disgusted. Heath Miller to the Cardinals!

I'm not too sure what the 49ers will do. I think Nolan knows what it's like to be a team without a good quarterback. As much as he likes defense, I can't see that there is someone willing to trade up to #1 to get Rodgers. I know Donahue stated he wasn't going to take a qb but he's not there anymore so I just went with what I think.

For the #2 pick I can and cant see where you're coming from. Henry wants to go to Miami. If he goes there, do you think he's going to be happy knowing he has to compete with another 1st round running back in Cedric Benson? That's the whole reason he wanted out of Buffalo to begin with. The rule of thumb still is and always will remain if there's a franchise qb out there, you must take him if you don't have one already. Could Alex Smith be another Joey Harrington? Yes. Could Alex Smith be another Ben Roethlisberger? Yes. So it's tough to gauge what if possibilities. With that said, I think Saban takes a QB.

For the #4 pick, I agree that Braylon is the all around package at the wideout position this year (ask cedric griffin). Unfortunately, I'm not too sure they're willing to gamble on another Michigan wide receiver again. Anyone remember David Terrell? I thought the same of Terrell when he was coming out and he proved me wrong. Mike Williams isn't going to burn anyone with a 4.6 and quite frankly, he might become a TE later in his career (see Billy Miller) just b/c of his weight. With that said, I think Williams still goes to Chicago just b/c of his hands of gold ONLY if he post the same #'s he did last year in pro days.

For the #5 Pick, that will be interesting to say the least. I think if Cedric Benson is there, that they will take him. Simms and Benson in the same backfield again (why am i seeing image of Colorado/Texas big 12 game? NOOOO) Anyways, Carnell Williams is going to be on Jon Gruden's roster for the Senior Bowl (strategic move by Carnell to get in with a future employer like Rivers did? Possibly). Benson consistently puts up good #'s and stays healthy. So I give him the nod at 5.

For the #7 pick, I think that Shaun Alexander is the more likely candidate to be getting the ball in Oakland if Lamont Jordan isn't. But, lets say that he goes to the Eagles? or stays with the 'Hawks somehow? or goes to Carolina who is interested in trading for Henry already? Or Arizona? So it's tough to tell at this point what's going to happen with that. As of today, wide receiver isn't as big of a need as running back. That's why I feel they take Carnell Williams at 7.

For the #8, it will be Ronnie Brown, book it. lol no explination, but Smith won't fall this far.

#9...they need Braylon if he get's this far. Their WR core is one of the most underachieving in the league. Unless they get Jerry Porter, who is rumored to be a Jaguar or Eagle next year, then I think then they'd handle their OG position. Remember, the Redskins and Daniel Snyder are all about skill positions and big names. Elton Brown wouldn't sell jerseys.

#11...You might be right about Rolle, but everyone I've talked to that follows Cowboy football says that they don't need another CB and that they need help up front. Merrimen is a really really talented guy, but much like Randy Starks last year, could steadily slip if the expectations are set too high. I think the boys would be in business if they had Greg Ellis, Laroi Glover, Anttaj Hawthorne, and Shawne Merrimen across that line.

#13...Everyone will differ on opinion with this one. Personally, I feel if Rolle is there, he's head and shoulders above any other guy left on the board as far as overall talent is concerned. When you face qbs like McNair, Manning and Leftwich 6 times a year, you can never have enough good DB's and that's why I feel they take him over Brown, when they can get a guy like Rueggmer (SP) in Free Agency.

Thanks for your compliments
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