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Originally Posted by D-ReK
Just for argument sake, I think 16 is a little high for Wallace...Burnett seems to be a better prospect, but he's coming off knee surgery...You're right, the Saints are pretty much an enigma as far as the draft is concerned...

Also, I've seen on a few forums that Viking fans are crying about not needing a DT regardless of what plays out with the Hovan situation...Viking fans seem to want more secondary support than anything...

And what, no Mike Nugent? He's a top 15 pick!

I hear the same stuff from the Viking fans. Their secondary is fine the way it is. I'd take Brian Russell over a good amount of safeties in the league today. If they should be crying about anything it's those terrible linebackers they have.

Most are claiming that they can get Thomas Davis at that spot somehow. For Ernest Shazor, 18 is TOO HIGH, as in way too high at this point. If they don't get Crowder, it'll be a DT.

People can say what they want a bout Goo Wallace. I've liked what I seen. Do I think that's high for him? ABSOLUTELY. But it fills a need of theirs and while Burnett and possibly Blackstock are better prospects, both have had injuries and Blackstock is a little slow in the head at times, which forced him to leave school anyway (failed out) Thats why I offered the ability for them to trade down and for someone to jump ahead of Cincinnati to get Travis Johnson, which I think is going to happen
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