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16) New Orleans Saints: Rian Wallace, OLB Temple
Talk about a tough team to figure out draft wise. They wanted to draft D.J. Williams last year but Denver traded up and took him instead. Wallace is an unknown but will end up being a top 20 pick when it's all said and done. Look for them to possibly trade down a few spots as well if someone wants Travis Johnson ahead of Cincinnati.

Other Possibilities: Kevin Burnett, OLB Tennessee; Daryl Blackstock, OLB Virginia; Justin Miller, CB Clemson; Erasmus James, DE Wisconsin; Travis Johnson, DT Florida State;

17) Cincinnati Bengals: Travis Johnson, DT Florida State
Some peoples responses will be saying ABOUT TIME!, but to be honest, I don't think he'll crack higher than this. I've never been impressed while watching him play, but maybe I'm just missing something. The Bengals tried to get Warren Sapp last year, but get themselves a young guy in Johnson.

Other Possibilities: Antaaj Hawthorne, DT Wisconsin; Justin Miller, CB Clemson; Pac Man Jones, CB Clemson; Erasmus James, DE Wisconsin;

18) Minnesota Vikings: Shaun Cody, DT USC
I consider this guy the best Defensive Tackle in the draft this year. Although they have Keneche Udezi and Kevin Williams anchoring the DLine, it's likely they'll need a replacement for Chris Hovan, who's not expected back. Linebackers are also a big concern for the Vikings, but only Channing Crowder is worth this spot, so look for him if they go that direction.

Other Possibilities: Antaaj Hawthorne, DT Wisconsin; Ernest Shazor, SS Michigan; Brodney Pool, SS Oklahoma; Channing Crowder, MLB Florida; Kevin Burnett, OLB Tennessee; Daryl Blackstock, OLB Virginia;

19) St. Louis Rams: Channing Crowder, MLB Florida
After watching the massacre from the Atlanta Falcons, it became painfully obvious that linebackers that can stop the run is much more important than right tackle. Crowder is the only linebacker that is worth this spot and rightfully so. If they do go tackle, it would be a reach to go after Wes Britt or Adam Terry, but it is possible with good workouts that this might not be much of a reach at the #19 slot.

Other Possibilities: Justin Miller, CB Clemson; Kevin Burnett, OLB Tennessee; Daryl Blackstock, OLB Virginia; Carlos Rogers, CB Auburn;

20) Dallas Cowboys: Anttaj Hawthorne, DT Wisconsin
You'd be crazy to not fear the defensive line for the Cowboys if they add Merrimen and Hawthorne this year in the draft. Hawthorne's play was often overshadowed by Erasmus James and Hawthorne had a good season as well. Although he has dropped off from when he was considered a top 5 pick at season's beginning, he is rightfully deserving of a top 20 pick.

Other Possibilities: Carlos Rogers, CB Auburn Justin Miller, CB Clemson; Marlin Jackson, CB Michigan; Ernest Shazor, SS Michigan; Brodney Pool, SS Oklahoma;

21) Jacksonville Jaguars: Erasmus James, DE Wisconsin
Remember earlier I told you there would be no more back to back teammates? I lied. Some of you are probably shocked that no defensive end has gone yet, but I think that it's very likely none go until this pick. James is a top 10 pick if he wasn't injury prone. Unfortunately, he has been unable to stay healthy for 4 years now. If John Henderson and Marcus Stroud alone don't make you scared, just wait until they add either Dan Cody, this guy, or David Pollack. Look for Justin Miller or Carlos Rogers here as well.

Other Possibilities: Carlos Rogers, CB Auburn Justin Miller, CB Clemson; Marlin Jackson, CB Michigan; David Pollack, DE Georgia; Marcus Spears, DE LSU; Dan Cody, DE Oklahoma;

22) Troy Williamson, WR South Carolina
It's obvious the Ravens have been lacking a #1 receiver for awhile now, and Travis Taylor will never be the answer. While pretty much unknown, Williamson might end up going even higher than this with good workouts. I don't see anything else other than this or Roddy White at this spot.

Other Possibilities: Marc Clayton, WR Oklahoma; Roddy White, WR UAB; Carlos Rogers, CB Auburn;

23) Seattle Seahawks: Marion Barber III, RB Minnesota
With Shaun Alexander more than likely out of Seattle, they're going to need a top tier running back to stay in the hunt in the NFC West. Barber doesn't get the publicity that Benson, Brown and Williams do, but some think he's just as good. If Channing Crowder isn't here, I think that this becomes the automatic pick as they can't have Maurice Morris as the star next year on the ground.

Other Possibilities: Ciatrick Fason, RB Florida; Vernand Morency, RB Oklahoma State; Odell Thurman, MLB Georgia; Lance Mitchell, MLB Oklahoma;

24) Green Bay Packers: David Pollack, DE Georgia
Aaron Kampman isn't very all. David Pollack has a ton of value at this pick and more than a Charlie Frye does here. Pollack is a high-motor player that doesn't quit on any given play. He will be a menace for all the offensive tackles all of his career.

25) Denver Broncos: Marcus Spears, DE LSU
This too is going to be a feared line, especially if they add on Corey Simon or Chris Hovan in the off season. Spears is a very athletic player for his size and is a very skilled player. Spears also has a ton of value here. Don't be shocked if Charlie Frye is selected here to be groomed as Jake Plummer's eventual successor.

Other Possibilities: Dan Cody, DE Oklahoma; David Pollack, DE LSU; Charlie Frye, QB Akron;

26) New York Jets: Carlos Rogers, CB Auburn
The Jets main priority is to get John Abraham back and will likely do it with the franchise tag. The GM of the Jets has stated that they want to add a lot of youth to the secondary and there's no better way to start than with a guy like Carlos Rogers. Rogers was named the top cornerback in college football this year and there's no reason to think it was a fluke. He was one of the main reasons for Auburn's success this year and is a leader on the defense. If Rogers isn't the answer, they might take a look at Justin Miller out of Clemson or Ernest Shazor out of Michigan.

Other Possibilities: Justin Miller, CB Clemson; Marlin Jackson, CB Michigan; Ernest Shazor, SS Michigan; Brodney Pool, SS Oklahoma; Adam Terry, OT Syracuse;

NOTE: Picks 27-32 will not yet have explinations due to the non-set draft order. So they are just picks until February 6th.

27) Atlanta Falcons: Adam Terry, OT Syracuse
28) San Diego Chargers: Dan Cody, OLB Oklahoma
29) Indianapolis Colts: Justin Miller, CB Clemson
30) New England Patriots: Elton Brown, OG Virginia
31) Philadelphia Eagles: Roddy White, WR UAB
32) Pittsburgh Steelers: Brandon Browner, CB Oregon State
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