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I agree trades are rare but I suggested those trade to clear cap space, I acutually see us cutting Foreman and maybe Wong but I would rather see a trade so that we get something in return. Parcells likes the bigger LB and Wong would fit his type, especilly the way he played this season. The Giants have Kevin Lewis and Nick Greisen in the middle and probably want to upgrade and Foreman would be an upgrade. The Lions need help on the line as well as because Raiola will probably be leaving and could use McKinney.

Entering next year we will have the goal of trying to make the playoffs and we will have depth and can afford to trade players, before we didn't have enough warm bodies to put on the field let alone trade good player. But now those player are getting too expensive for their production and we can cut or trade them and go after other better players.

With the cleared cap space we could go after Pace who is younger and bigger than Jones and isn't known as being lazy. St. Louis is having a lot of trouble with their defense and OL and probably can't afford to franchise Pace again because they need to spread that money around in other areas.

I would want Bubba Franks also but I don't see GB letting him go especially if they want Favre back. Becht is still a good young player and a good blocker and receiver.
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