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Originally Posted by __V__
I think that if George is smart he will just sign with the Titans. No one in the NFL has a worse RB situation than them. Chris Brown has been injury prone so far in his short career and has yet to prove he can play with injury. Eddie rarely misses and plays hurt. The Titans need EG more than anyone else does.
Pretty good vote for Eddie to sign...but, I think that we all know Bud Adams has made some, shall we say, questionable decisions. Honestly, if the Titans don't go with EG, who do they have running the rock? I see them going with the RB by committee (again) this year and counting on Steve "The Ironman" McNair to carry the day yet again. In the current day of how the game is played and the talent level I have only seen a very few guys who can carry a whole team on his back (defense included) and be successful, and none of them have picked up a SB ring.

I will say that the boards over the last month or so have been pretty Pro-Eddie and probably rightly so...I wish him and the Titans success as long as they are not playing.
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