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Aaron Glenn still has some gas left in his tank, IMO. The chances of getting a FA CB are about the same as slim and none. Reason? because they are way too expensive and would screw up the cap big-time. If we were that one player away from being SB material, maybe, but we are not. It makes way more sense to do a lot of homework on the CBs available in this Draft and try to Draft a "Diamond in the Rough", as some people call them, in the 4th, or 5th round.

The Texans have done a very good job of building this team with Casserly et. all doing their homework and bringing in good players. There have been some bumps, such as overpaying for Babbin and allowing a division competitor to gain some future ground on us. The offensive line was, and is, a work in progress, and with another offseason together, should be a good bunch, especially in the pass blocking game. Babbin will get stronger in the offseason and be able to take on the offensive tackles a lot better. So he is also a work in progress.

With a good, well thought out Draft, and some judicious additons with mid level FAs, we should be ready to really compete for the playoffs this coming season.
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