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Originally Posted by Sco-tai
Ginessey....Derrick Johnson would be a great pick up. Perhaps we would do another trade this year so that we had 2 picks in the first round. Maybe a CB (Rolle or Rogers for example) and Johnson. Or perhaps a NT like Spears.
People on here make a great point that it's about time we consider drafting another CB to place in the Nickel for a year until they're ready to start opposite Robinson. Faggins is okay...but just simply got burnt too many times this year. I'm imagining a schedule next year where we have to face gunslingers like Manning, Leftwich & Volek twice and thinking I'd feel a lot better with A. Rolle or Rogers paired with D-Rob and Glenn.

Any thoughts that Polk or Orr could become the other ILB to compliment Sharper?
Polk and Orr are good backups and maybe down the line they could be good starters, but we need for sure playmakers at that position and if you have watched Derrick Johnson all season he is a playmaker. He has the speed to cover and has a sure nose for the ball. I see a lot of people on here talking about wanting Antrell Rolle and Aaron Glenn always getting burned. Every corner will get burned from time to time but even more so if the quarterback has all day to throw. In the words of Deion Sanders "Show me a team that can't get to the quarterback and I'll show you 4 terrible DB's". Antrell Rolle also got burned this year too. Against North Carolina he got burned on a 35 yard touchdown pass caught by Mike Mason, an unheard of sophmore reciever, on the 4th play of the game, and Carolina beat Miami. Rolle is an aggressive corner and he looks good on paper, but will he be a real good fit in Houston? Rolle is going to want big money and his brother Samari is going to help him to get top dollar. Everyone wanted Sean Taylor, but it took Sean Taylor forever to agree to a contract. We were well into the preseason before he even signed a deal, missing all of a much needed training camp (and it showed in the begining of the season). DeAngelo Hall was the top prospected corner coming into last years draft and he missed like 6-8 weeks with a fractured hip (price you pay when you are a rookie asked to be a #1 corner playing Randy Moss). If you ask me we got the better deal with Dunta and he fits perfect with Aaron and the D. As for Aaron's off the field demeanor I could care less, just show up come game time.
If we get 2 picks in the 1st round (which I highly woundn't suggest) I feel we should pick up Heath Miller (6'5" 255lb TE out of VA) with that 2nd pick to give Seth Wand a hand on pass blocking Dwight Freeney and ends like him in our double tight end sets, and he also gives us a threat in the red zone where we struggle the most. Miller also allows us to create mismatches against the linebackers and safeties, and he is a beast on run blocking. We also could put him at fullback and maybe even wideout to really create mismatches against defenses in short yard/red zone situations. Having a guy like Miller doesn't allow teams to focus on doubling Andre and abusing Corey at the line and playing 2 deep coverage. Which is what a lot of teams did making Carr hold the ball too long and forcing the sack. He also could make us better on 3rd down, in which we were awful (38.4%). And the best thing about Miller he would be the cheapest allowing us to spend money elsewhere. In my opinion our main focus this offseason needs to be beating the Colts.
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