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Exclamation Re: front row bull pen

I would like to set the record straight in regard to the numerous postings that refer to our recent sale of our front row bullpen seats (Sec 116 A). First and Foremost, WE ARE NOT A TICKET BROKER, SUITE OWNER OR AFFILIATED WITH THE TEAM. We are honest, hard working, Texans fans like everyone else in this forum. As the parents of two small children (that you have seen at the game on occassions) we cannot make every game --- nor stay untill the end. Sometimes we show up late -- and we always leave early. Sometimes we give our tickets away to my husbands clients. Lately, we havent been able to make the games -- due to travel and other commitments. So we sold them on StubHub (the official partner of the Texans for ticket sales). The prices we sold them for were market-based prices. We cannot CONTROL who purchases our tickets --- nor do we desire to do so. This is a free country and I have no desire to expend any additional energy attempting to scrutinize ticket purchasers that are willing, able and interested in attending a Texans game. If a current bull pen PSL owner --- or anyone else wants to purchase the tickets for a specific game, we will be more than happy to sell them to you -- at the going market rate. Joe Texan, and everyone else near our seats know us and our children. It is disrespectful to degrade a Texans fan for selling tickets that we have every right to sell. I will say that it would be nice to show up to at least one game and not have to ask someone to move out of my seats so that I can sit in them. Just because we may show up late does not give my fellow fans the right to occupy my seats in my absence. This is a great forum as we are all rooting for the same team. I dont have to paint my face blue or show up in extensive Texans garb to root for my team. We work hard for the money we pay to support our team. What we choose to do with our tickets is no ones business but ours.


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