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Aaron Glenn is just fine at corner he is the least of our troubles. Our DB's are fine. Coach Capers did the right thing in picking up Dunta to play on the other side of Aaron. Both of them had a great season, 11 ints between the both of them. Champ Bailey only had 2 all season and he went to the pro bowl. In my opinion 1 of our major problems is straight up sacks and tackling. We are not getting to our opponents QB enough and Jamie Sharper needs a little more help in the tackling dept. I'm sorry but we only had 24 sacks all season in which our sack leader had 5.5 sacks the whole season.The Colts two defensive ends had 26.5 sacks just between the both of them (Freeney 16, Mathis 10.5). John Abraham had (9.5 sacks) and he only played in 12 games this season. You can't expect a corner to cover forever. I don't care if we had Ty Law, Champ Bailey, and Charles Woodson, if we aren't getting to the QB, we might as well not think about the playoffs let alone a Superbowl.
Tackling is another thing we seem to have a problem with. Granted Jamie Sharper led the team with over 100 tackles again, but our number two tackler on the team was Dunta with 85, almost 10 more than every other linebacker each. In my opinion that's somewhat of a problem. I feel that we need a little more depth at linebacker and D-line. In the offseason I would like to see us pickup Kendrell Bell from the Steelers, and in the draft I would like to see Derrick Johnson from Texas fall to us. That will give us all the depth we would need at linebacker which makes the 3-4. And maybe we could pick up some D-lineman to give Smith, Payne, and Walker a breather in some plays because if you look at most of our games our defense is on the field almost the whole game especially in the second half. If our offense isn't clicking early in the game by the fourth quarter our D-linemen and Backers are about dead. Maybe if we can keep fresh bodies out on the field and still attack the offense we can create better opportunities for our O. But that's just my opinion.

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