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Originally Posted by Lucky
This is a fan draft, right? I wouldn't ask you to include them if I didn't consider them at least fringe 3rd round picks. After the 1st 50-60 picks, there's a large divergence of opinion among NFL teams about prospects. And I'm drafting really late in the 3rd round.

Loper is considered a good pass blocker, and some teams consider that a positive. He kept Dan Cody from making a play in the backfield when they met last season. And Loper was invited to the combine, which is more than I can say for a couple of tackles you do have listed (Quintin Outland & Buster Ashley).

But hey, I'm sorry if I've offended your draft sensibilities. BTW, Marcus McNeil isn't coming out this year.
you didn't offend me, and point well taken on Loper. The reason McNeil is on the list is b/c this was made 2 weeks ago or so and to the best of my knowledge, those were the underclassmen coming out. It is unable to be changed, so disregard it.
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