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Originally Posted by Grid
Well I think you are mistaken that he relies more on dropping into coverage and causing turnovers.

The problem is that we cannot be sure that if we rush 6 or 7.. we will hurry the QB.. our front 7 is not good enough or consistent enough to garuntee that. So, if we rush 6 or 7 and dont hurry the QB.. you end up getting burnt.

there WASNT enough talent.. our Dline is not doing what a 3-4 Dline needs to do.. they are not tieing up blockers and freeing up our OLBs. Dom's objective is to give pressure with a 4 man rush, and allow the rest of our defense to play coverage. That way, when we rush 7.. we can expect either a hurry, or a sack.

SO.. you cant really say that Dom's defense isnt working or that he runs it different.. when he doesnt have the personel that the steelers have.
Obviously the dline didnt have the talent it should, but the LBs did have talent that wasnt used. how often did they blitz a third LB? not many but when they did there was pressure. How many times did Dunta blitz? probably 8 times and he got three sacks and others were hurries. They had more talent than people act like they had. Maybe it was a lack of trust, but i noticed that when ONE extra guy was sent there was a lot of pressure. Rushing 4 will hardly ever get pressure against a good offense blocking with 6.
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