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Originally Posted by beerlover
finally a mis-step, much harder to find Quality OLB's in the 3-4 than finding a NT? Not ture at all. there is only one, maybe in Hawthorne (Ngata will be #1 next year barring injury). There are both linebakers in college as well as DE's that can convert to OLB (just like Babin) for instance I see Pollack being a superior talent & Matt Roth as equal to Babin, not to mention Derrick Johnson, Kevin Burnett & Dan Cody.
A mis-step? I would actually be more inclined to agree with Vinny on this one. I mean...nothing against stud-NT's...but why do you think D-linemen are taken out when the pressure is on, except goaline or 3 & 1? (like in today's game with NE vs Indy...NE was going with only 2 D-linemen!!!). The more atheletically gifted players (thus more rare) between NT and OLB is DEFINITELY found in OLB's.
You can teach a lot of the technique needed to be good as a NT to someone with the right size. But I don't care what size you are as an OLB...either you have the natural atheletic gifts or not.
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