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By the time that the Combine and individual workouts are over, both Jones and Cody will be the top defesive prospects out there.
They might be (even though I completely disagree with it). But in your scenario, you have two teams (San Diego and Dallas) giving up first round draft picks in order to land these guys. It's simply not going to happen.

Think about it. If you're Dallas and you obviously need help in many areas, are you going to give up the 20th overall pick to move up 7 spots just to get Adams (a player they can get at the 11th spot) when there are other CBs like Antrel Rolle, Marlin Jackson, Carlos Rogers, Justin Miller and Corey Webster still available?

And what exactly is Cody going to do during the Combine and pro day to show he's better than David Pollack, Erasmus James or Marcus Spears?

My question to you is who will be the 1st player........which player is worth the #1 pick? I don't think nobody can answer that question, because I don't see 1. Can you find one?
I guess it depends on what the 49ers do. If they stay put, they'll (reach) and take a QB (either Rodgers or Smith). My guess is they take Smith. If they're smart, they'll get out of the pick and trade down. Who they trade with will determine who goes #1. But I can tell you who ain't going #1...Dan Cody.

Just 1? I think you better check back on his personal record.
I think it'd be easier if you already knew his issues to post them here. Links would be appreciated. I'm not doubting you, but as Fiddy has already stated, we're aware of his altercation from last summer. If there's something else you know about, we'd be interested in hearing it.
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