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Kenechi Udeze (USC) - 26 TFLs, 16.5 sacks
Dan Cody (OU) - 17 TFLs, 10 sacks
Dave Ball (UCLA) - 20.5 TFLs, 16.5 sacks

David Pollack - 13.5 TFLs, 7.5 sacks

There's 3.

Does this mean they're better players? No...they just had more productive seasons. Which is what season awards should be based on. But like Tommie Harris, Pollack made a name for himself the year before (in Harris' case it was actually two years ago) and that's what the media went by instead of actually paying attention to what was going on on the field.

There's no question Pollack is an outstanding player (especially in '02 when he registered over 20 TFLs and 14 sacks and rightfully won the Hendricks). I'm just pointing out that post season awards are a joke and shouldn't be used to base a player's ability.

But I'm not a member of the media so what do I know?
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