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Default How Matt Leinhart's Decision Will Affect This Draft

I think Matt Leinhart's decision today to stay at USC has changed the outlook of this draft tremendously. Here is what I think:

The 49ers would have been a lock of Matt Leinhart. He was the only clearcut #1, and the only QB worth the #1 pick. With Leinhart gone, its hard to say what the 49ers are going to do. It depends who the GM is going to be. I think they trade down with the Chargers.

The Chargers will get the #1 pick in exchange for both of their 1st round picks. The Chargers will then take Dan Cody at #1 and move him to OLB in their 3-4 defense. He will be a complimant to Donnie Edwards and a prominant pass rusher OPPOSITE of Foley who had a great year.

Dolphins take Benson at #2, and the Browns will grab either Aaron Rogers or Alex Smith at #3. At #4 the Bears will trade down with Dallas for Dallas' 2 first rounders, and the Boys will get Adam Jones at #4 filling there CB need.

I could go on making predictions, some of them would be crazy. But with Leinhart gone I don't think there is now a clear cut #1, and that could change everything, with the 49ers not wanting the #1 pick, and probably hardly anybody else.

What does it mean to us? I think a lot of teams will be trading up ahead of us, and that scares me because on draft day it might get crazy. But I think some guys could fall under the cracks who we might be interested in: Derrick Johnson, Carlos Rogers, those type of players.
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