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Originally Posted by infantrycak
And what veteran FA NT's are out there this off-season?

DJ goes 230 lbs--he isn't big enough to play OLB in a 3-4. No, it wouldn't just be because Foreman is worse in coverage although with all the coverage our LB's get that is an excellent reason, it is because Foreman doesn't attack the line of scrimmage well and ends up making his tackles after the RB has gotten a solid gain. In addition, Foreman has 4 forced fumbles and 0 INT's in 6 years in the league. Derrick Johnson on the other hand is a turnover machine. Not saying trade up for him, but if he fell to #13 you snap him up and have him live with Sharper until opening day of the season.

Yes. We need a ILB, not OLB. He would be a great pickup for the team. THat way you have 5 LBs that play all the time (substitution will keep them fresh). You let Wong start inside, DJ plays a lot inside as well for Wong. THen you have wong able to move outside to give peek or babin a rest. Its amazing. Then the LBs would be much more fresh for the pass rush when you actually get a rotation. However, who knows what will happen.
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