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Originally Posted by Grid
I think the "big CB" thing is overrated.. especially if the NFL continues to enforce the 5 yard rule.

The way I see it.. the height difference really doesnt matter much if the Corner knows what he is doing. Honestly.. lets assume that the Corner is 5'10" and the WR is 6'3".. lets also assume that both the Corner and WR have the same verticle leap.. but that the WR has arms 2 inches longer than the corner. that would mean there is a 7 inch difference between the top of the WRs hands, and the top of the CBs.. considering that a football is about 5 inches thick.. or more.. we are not talking about some huge advantage. The only time it would be a problem is in a perfect situation where the QB puts the ball EXACTLY where it needs to be.
I just remember Glenn getting torched in the exact kind of situation you are describing by a Lions rookie. He was taller and reached out and snagged the ball. We need a CB that is at least 6'0.
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