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Originally Posted by dalemurphy
Why would we draft or sign a LT? Wand was fine and will be starting his 2nd season... Wade can't play inside and makes $5 million per year... In order to improve our OL, we'll need to do so from the interior: C, RG, and/or maybe LG-Pitts would be great as a backup at both G and T positions.

I had similar thoughts along these lines...thats why I passed up some of the more trendy OT picks that might have been available (ie. Alex Barron) in favor of Heath Miller or a defensive playmaker. I think if we picked up a quality interior lineman (Wilkerson or Baas) to develop and possibly challenge for a starting job as well as take a good look at 1 standout veteran (like OG Wahle) that we would end up better off in the long run.

That being said I have said in a couple threads that we need to monitor the Kyle Turley situation in STL. Lots of unanswerd questions there but if he becomes available I think we should take a serious look at him as the veteran FA pickup. If he comes back from his injury ok he should have several good years left. I think that if a healthy Turley were available he would be a clear choice over Wand. I think Wand could eventually develop into a decent RT in the league...I am just not sold on him being the blindside bodyguard for Carr after watching him play for a year.
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