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How many times do people change their minds around here? Ive said this before. No one is ever happy with anyone on this team, especially OLB. One week its Peek is stupid and cant do anything but pass rush, the next its he should start now or next season. Then they sign one person thats never been heard of and Peek is forgotten or immediately demoted to pass rush situations only again. People need to look at the real problems on this team, and the people that are OLB on this team already are not the problem. The pass rush problem is not the LBs, its the combination of the Dline and the scheme. THe dline is not giving the outside rush any help by taking up blockers or making a threat of a sack from the middle. Then there is the scheme where everyone is dropping back and only 4 people rush. Its hard for 4 guys to beat 5 lineman and a RB that are blocking. Babin and Peek did a great job applying pressure, they just didnt get help from the line or the plays being called. They need to let the two of them rush, along with three in the middle and some extra blitzing from the MLB and corners and safety. This team has good linebackers. Babin-Wong-Sharper-Peek would work if they are giving an opportunity to succeed. There is no need to keep wasting money on signing more OLBs.
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