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Originally Posted by Grid
Looking over the draft boards.. this is really giving me a headache.

Outside of the top guys (Wright, Hawthorne, Ngata) .. everyone who is big enough to be a 3-4 DT seems to have the same description. Great run stuffer, not much of a pass rush, out of shape, underacheiver, doesnt give 100%...

Needless to say that isnt very promising. as things are right now.. I dont see us taking a DT in the draft.. unless its to draft a guy like Sione Pouha out of Utah, or Albert Means out of Memphis.. in the later rounds, just as depth.

I see us instead going for a DE.. and making due with either Smith or Deloach at DT.. or an FA.

Spears and Hawthorne.. both should be available to us and either one of them could be a nice DE for us.

Do yall think Spears will fall to the second with his knee injury? or maybe we should trade down and grab him a little later in the first?
By "Wright" do you mean Rod Wright of Texas? He hasn't announced he's leaving and nobody at the school really expects him to.
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