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Couple quick notes on the for all of us draftniks out there...

I think the draft strategy will shape up much better after this weekend and we actually know who is going into the draft or opting to stay in school. For instance, Ngata looks to be far and away the best DT pick up for a 3-4 defense in this years possible draft crop...a guy like him deciding to come out or not effects several teams draft boards.

That being said this years draft looks a little thin at most positions that we are looking at. I think we will use FA more to address the OL (I don't think we will see more than 1 maybe 2 new faces in the starting 5 next season), I am specifically looking at making a run at Wahle from the Packers. I ranked our off season priority as follows:
1) OL
2) DL
3) TE
4) WR

Making certain assumptions about underclassmen coming out and what the UFA market currently looks like I broke the 1st day of the draft down as follows:
1) Toss up for Heath Miller, TE...this is a reach but the TE market in FA is fairly thin and after Miller the drop off is pretty big OR we go for BPA...the possibilities I have are DJ, Crowder (ILB), or possibly Rod Wright. If Braylon Edwards fall this far (don't see that happening by the way) we should take a shot on him.

2) Ngata, NT...possiblity we may have to trade up to get him since every 3-4 team in the leage will be eyeing him.

3) Wilkerson, C...if he is available at this slot it would be a great value pick and he has the potential for being a clear starter by the end of pre-season.

3b) Grigsby, ILB...I suspect his stock will rise post combine, I think teams will weigh his incredible production over the "played in Div II" wrap. Depending on the how the #1 pick goes particularly if DJ falls to us will really control his fate.
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