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I think that the part of the defense that needs to change is some of the scheme. I think that the quote above from ESPN says a lot. In an aggressive blitizing defense, Foley's sack numbers skyrocketed. When we have 3 lineman rushing and maybe one backer coming and everybody else dropping back in coverage, how is anybody going to get any pressure? You could get all the athletes in the world, but if you don't let them do what they are best at, or have 7-8 guys in coverage the number of sacks will continue to stay low. When both Peek and Babin were coming off the edge late in the season you saw the pressure on the quarterback increase. I say keep that up and get more aggressive on the pass rush. Send Dunta more. The few times he was sent on a corner blitz he got right in there. If you send more people at the qb you will see results. There is little to no need to go out and sign a ton of olbs, there is already enough on the current roster. Let the dogs loose and you will see results.
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