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Originally Posted by El Tejano
I think trading down to get some of those picks we gave up last year would be a good thing to do if we could.
I think what you are saying would be true for 31 teams, but not the Texans. Remember, the Texans had drafted extra 2nd, 3rd and later picks in the 2002-3 drafts as part of the expansion process. Although we had extra picks, we still had to fit into a 53 man roster. I look at it as "because we had recently drafted so much 2nd, 3rd etc talent (compared to other teams), it was easier for us to use some of our (extra) picks to trade up for a specific player. We have nothing to 'catch up.'

We still have extra picks this year (only AFC team with 4 first day picks). I would not be opposed to trades, up or down, to target specific players. I like the flexibility the extra picks create. I would also be thrilled if we could trade at least one first day pick forward to next year. Time will tell.
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