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Originally Posted by DC_ROCK
With all the help we need with pash rush, and the importance of some good OLB, why do the Texans keep letting go OLB like Posey, and Foley?

Was it just that the Texans didnt offer them more than another team?

Or was it that the Texans really didnt try to get them to stay?

To be honest, I dont know much on this subject, which is why Im asking.
I knoqw the Bills swoop in and signed Posey on the first day of free agency. I don't think Posey even gave them a chance to make him an offer in response.

I think Foley just blossomed this year or found a good fit or a combination thereof. It wasn't like he was a big name free agent that SD signed I don't think many on this board even made a minor fuss over the Texans losing Foley. Until recently, of course. Hindsight is always much better
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