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I think "The Team" has scared just about everybody because I don't think anyone takes them for granted anymore. As far as the playoffs go, I'd love to see "The Team" make them but I'd settle for 8-8 next year -- and that's a shame in a way because a win against Cleveland would have set the goal up a notch to 9-7 next year. But be that as it may, for them to make the playoffs, they would have to find some way to pass Denver or the Jets -- two teams that humiliated them this year on the road. Buffalo came within a game of the playoffs as well and the Ravens are still tough. Cincy is also coming into its own as well. They'd also have to keep it up against Jax and everybody else they beat out this year, including KC. That's a lot of teams they'll have to find a way of passing up as a fourth-year franchise. And that's a lot to ask and expect. Taking all of this into account, 8-8 would be just fine for me.
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