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Default Re: Help on buying jerseys

Originally Posted by Bandwagon View Post
I understand where you're coming from. The Oilers died to me the day they left Houston and I hated them the day they left. I understand having a soft spot for them but I'm sure you couldn't say that you don't care who wins or loses when the teams face off now.

I just don't know how it's possible to actually root for both teams at the same time. I guess I was just perplexed to see someone ask for cheap jersey advice from Texans fans and then go out and get Titans gear. That made me scratch my head a bit.

AMEN! Titan players may not have had a choice but it was the fans who really suffered. I am just bitter after it all... and doubt i'll ever get over that. I was a 'Boys fan for a bit but just got so tired of the drugs and garbage that I just faded away and lost interest in NFL for a bit. When i heard the Texans were coming... I was SO there... (figuratively) Now, although I'll support the 'Boys as a Texas team ...thats as far as my loyalty goes.

I still cant stand the RedSkins (my wife is a fanatic fan). **giving her a grim stare**
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