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Originally Posted by THE_HONKEY_TONK_KID
In my opinoin I thought he should have never drafted Babin. Not because he is not a great player, but I thought we had that need already filled when we drafted Peek to groom his rookie year and let him go in his 2nd year.

I just don't see why they didn't try to Peek expirment in these last couple of weeks and move Wong to ILB and play Peek at OLB and see how it worked out. In my opinion those are the 4 best LB's we got, and you should play your 4 best on the feild.
Peek has yet to prove he is able to play all 4 downs. He has physical skills but may be lacking a bit upstairs. I have no problem with him sitting this year as he should be able to compete for a spot next season. Thing is, he's been handed the starting spot twice now and both times couldn't stay healthy. We draft LB's every year, you forget we drafted Anderson too.
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