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I sincerely hope the team makes the playoffs next season and if not at least they scare a few more people than this season. I'm satisfied with the little victories the team made this year, and yes I'm disappointed with the setbacks. I know that personnel is an issue for this team. The Texans lack depth on both lines, I had hoped that the off-season acquisitions the team had made in both free-agency and the draft would have lead to some improvement, but astoundingly both groups (in my opinion at least) underperformed. I donít wish for David Carr to end up like Steve McNair; so beat up that he is considering retirement in his early thirties. Our return teams are a joke. I think the team has made strides in some very important areas and I think it is time to seriously address weaknesses. (offensive line anyone?)

On the plus side, the improvements the team made were spectacular. The combination of Carr, Johnson, and Davis is inarguably the one of the three best young offensive combos in the league. When this team was on this season they were unstoppable. And what about two wins over Tennessee this season? I had been wanting that day to happen since I found out Houston was getting a team and I plan to relish in it at least until August (if not longer). Then my wife and I get BullPen tickets for the Nov 28th game (her wedding gift to me, how about that!) and they come back from 21-3 to win by 10. Then, they go and win in Chicago, in December no less (no playoffs for you), and the very next weak make the Jags look like the expansion team in Jacksonville.

I know we lost to the Browns, lord, do I know it. But I like to think that we are going to be contenders next year. Overoptimistic? Maybe. But I donít care.

Next season, we beat Indy!!!

BTW - This board rocks (so says the FNG)
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