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Default Size does matter!

Size does matter!

In this case, I mean the size of the NFL draft … and in this case, the Houston Texans are the only AFC team with 4 first day picks (‘Terrific 12’ guys). In fact, assuming there aren’t any trades (unlikely), they will have been able to select 4 players by pick 79! (approximately - I’m not solid on our selection slots in round 3). Most (10 out of 16) AFC teams (below) will only have picked 1 or 2 players at that point of the draft:

- Dolphins, Bengals, Bills, Jags, Ravens, Broncos, Jets, Patriots, Colts, Steelers

Many of these teams will likely be the next year’s AFC Playoff teams.

Quantity & Quality

In the 2004 draft, some teams (Cowboys, Colts & Titans) gave up their 1st round picks in order to accumulate additional picks (the Cowboys only had 5 picks at the start of the 2004 draft, as I recall). The Texans not only have the best first day quantity in the AFC, they also have the 13th overall pick. IMO, they are well positioned to move around, or make a power play (trading picks to move up) in the 2005 draft. This could be an exciting draft for Texan fans.
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