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Originally Posted by infantrycak
JMO, but this sentiment is more a result of expectation than reality. And while they faced some of the "worst" defenses the Texans also faced all the best offenses including Indy twice--if you are going to factor one in you have to factor both into evaluating the team.

On the stats you give--are you really saying PR & KR are serious indicators of progress/regression? Sacks I will give you and that is the #1 off-season issue to be addressed in some fashion IMO.

How about some serious stats though:

Scoring offense: 2003 15.9 ppg 29th, 2004 19.3 ppg 20th
Scoring defense: 2003 23.8 ppg 27th, 2004 21.2 ppg 16th
Turnover margin: 2003 -5 25th, 2004 +5 12th

At the end of the day turnovers are the single greatest stat indicator for winning and regardless of the yards produced or given up the score matters more. In all of these categories the Texans made significant strides forward.

Could they have played better this year?--sure. Let's put a healthy DD from the 2nd half of the season in with the pass protection the OL gave in the 1st half of the season that mysteriously dissappeared in the 2nd half, along with the D from the 2nd half of the year and the season would have turned out even better. But the fact that things could have gone even better doesn't mean there was no progress or that there was regression.
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