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Originally Posted by Bottle-O-Bud
Payne will be back... I mean you just don't turn yourback on a player who got injured playing HARD on the last game of the season. Payne will be back 100% if not, then I will lose respect for Casserly. Just torn muscle, not like he busted his knee... pffttt... pass rush was like cow poo after Payne went down...and some of you folks wanna get rid of him?

Juppro might not be back! This instill fear like no other for next year.
If the Texan offense blossoms into its full potential, we will need a top tier tight ends. Not Backups like Breuner and Miller. We need somebody who can catch, but not get pushed around inside the 5 yard line.

McKinney is inadequate.... that being said...

1,2,3) FS/C/TE
3) NT
I understand your opinin on Payne but how do you know he will be back 100%? What if he isn't then what? Who will play NT for us? We gotta treat this like a bussiness. The Texans have to try and make this team great and you won't do that with players who play really hard but can't give it a 100% on the field. Now that's if Payne is hurt and can't recover from his injuries. I like the guy. I think he displays leadership and guts and is what hard work is all about and I would like to see him returm at full streght but what if is all I am saying. Say he gets hurt again, do we have someone who can play NT and provide what Payne provides us?
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