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Originally Posted by THE_HONKEY_TONK_KID
Then how come this guy is not playing on every 3rd down? It makes no sence to me. In my opinoin I thought he should have never drafted Babin. Not because he is not a great player, but I thought we had that need already filled when we drafted Peek to groom his rookie year and let him go in his 2nd year.

Wong is not going anywhere, but I still would love to see what he could do at ILB. Polk did a great job at ILB too while Foreman was out. I just don't see why they didn't try to Peek expirment in these last couple of weeks and move Wong to ILB and play Peek at OLB and see how it worked out. In my opinion those are the 4 best LB's we got, and you should play your 4 best on the feild.
I agree w/ you on Babin I've grown to like him but question why we drafted him when we drafted Peek the year before and giving up all those picks in a deep draft when we had other needs. Bottomline I think Babin is going to be great for us. Wong isn't going anywhere but I'd like to see him move inside so we can have our 4 best linebackers on the field with our 2 best pass rushers being outside. That being said if we can get either Hartwell or a good MLB in the draft then I hope that they rotate Peek in more frequently w/ either Babin or Wong which would keep all 3 fresh and get Peek some more PT love the intensity he brings to the field. We also have to really upgrade our D-line so our LB can make plays. We're getting there.
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