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I don't think we do anything major in FA though. We might sign a couple of well noted guys, but I don't think we spend any major money on a guy like Walter Jones at all. I think Casserly and Capers are still living on the phisophy that you get better though the draft.

With that said, I think we would be making a huge mistake on taking Spears in the 1st. Not on the player, just where we take him. I think he will still be up on the board in the 2nd. It could be a huge mistake for us to take a 2nd rounder with our 1st round pick. I say we stay at #13, because after this year this may be the highest or lowest whatever, we pick. We may be picking in the upper teens next year. I say we go for the BPA on our board at that point. Right now we still need talent, talent that will make a difference. I don't care if its Derrick Johson, Mike Williams, Carlos Rogers, or Jaamal Brown. I would be happy knowing that we probably got Top 10 talent with the #13 pick.

After that if Spears is available yeah go get him. I think this kid has talent, but right now his stock has slipped to 2nd round. It may rise again at the Combine I don't know. With our 2 3rds I think we can go after a linebacker, tight end, or another DL or someone in the secondary, it will depend what we do at #13. I think we get Eslinger in the 4th, maybe Gootegood in the 6th, and one of Casserly's crazy picks in the 7th.

I just think this draft could determine the direction we are going and I don't know how this is going to shape up...............
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