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Yes, I dont know why we switched to the zone blocking scheme when we had Davis go for 1,000 yeards on a third of the season. That "if it is not broke, dont fix it."

Our O-line is broke, BAD! All the running David Carr is getting in will make him a shoe in for a 100m dash gold, or a gold medal in the marathon.

Did Gary Walker play this year??

I love Seth Payne but I dont think he will be back. I think with that, the D-Line will be taken in the first round. I possibly think from their on out will be the best man taken in the draft. Of course, God only knows what CC will take, anotehr TE or a QB out of the blue.

I am thinking they might get another free agent for the O-line.

Ive read a few posts and got a general idea of some rookies, but I am curious as to who you people think will be available at #13 and who would you take?

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