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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Joppru signed a 4 year deal worth a total of $3 mil with a $1.65 mil signing bonus.
Why give up on Joppru? Not for financial, or cap reasons.

The signing bonus of $1.65 is gone and while it has been amortized against the cap over 4 years, it will count against the cap. Period. It he is released after training camp, the remaining signing bonus for cap purposes will count 1/2 in 2005 and 1/2 in 2006, exactly the same as if they kept him.

His yearly salary ($3.0 mill - $1.65 mill), or approx $350,000 per year (I would imagine it was slightly less in 2003 and grows until 2006) has already been half paid and counted against the cap. If he is released after training camp, the team would save cash and cap of about $350,000 in each of 2005 and 2006. While on one hand it seems like a lot of money, it is a TINY amount compared to the over $160,000,000 payroll for 2005-6.

It was unfortunate that Joppru had this injury, particularly when he had no previous history of it. It's possible (I imagine) that it is behind him and that while his development has been delayed, he will start to contribute in the future. It's also possible (I imagine) that he will not ever develop as a player, or will have further injury problems. I have no idea. I can't see the money, or cap, as being a factor in the teams decision.
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