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Originally Posted by HoustonFan
I would have loved to see the Texans go 500, unfortunately they came up short. The plus side, they are 2 games better than last year, and 3 better from the 1st season. They are definitely on the up. I play it in my head all the time w/ games they should have won this season - I figured them at 11-5. And it's like the guy that started the thread said, Any given Sunday any one can be beat.
BZZZZ!!! Time for a reality check! The next time you think about 11-5, think "Cleveland." That should bring you back to reality. The next time you think "they are definitely on the up," think about the six sacks the Texans suffered at home from a team that had only 26 in their first 15 games and had lost 9 straight games and were just playing out the string. Yep, on any given Sunday, it has been proven that a team like the Browns can beat the Texans. So how in the world do you come up with 11-5? You should expect 8-8 and have a party if they get their next year.
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